We have been purchasing our goods from the same partners since our company was founded in 1968: qualified and experienced knitting, sewing and tanning companies from Pakistan, India and Malaysia who produce for the European market.

We can look back on many years of reliable and well-established cooperation for the further development and standardisation of our products, for quality monitoring and for sales. The close interaction and short communication channels with the producers enable us to realize high-quality custom-made products even at short notice.

We principally reject regular and short-term changes of production sites, as they are partly practised on the market due to temporary price advantages, in favour of continuous cooperation with established partners. We know our suppliers and, like them, categorically reject child labour in all phases of production, control and distribution.

Our main partner is Leathertex in Lahore/Pakistan, who lends his name to our branded products. Leathertex, whose production facilities are ISO-certified according to DQS Germany, produces over 50,000 gloves daily and has some 1,200 employees.

The company's own wastewater treatment plant, which is currently under construction and represents an exception in textile and leather production in Pakistan, emphasizes the environmentally friendly self-image of Leathertex and Jah GmbH.

Among our marketing partners are Leathertex Spain and Leathertex UK, who distribute our products in Western Europe. Together with our partners we observe the changes in the market, work on developing our products further and react quickly to the needs and requests of our customers.